Canyonlands National Park – Maps-al-Fresco™ Poster

Canyonlands National Park is a showcase of geology. The vivid and varied colors of the bare rocks and the fantastic canyons, buttes, spires, columns, alcoves, caves, arches, and other erosional forms of the canyon country result from a fortuitous combination of geologic and climatic circumstances and events unequaled inmost other parts of the world. This image shows the central part of the park including Island in the Sky and Upheaval Dome south to the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers.

Maps-al-Fresco harken back to the days in cartography when plaster relief models were made, often for the purpose of wall or museum display, or to be photographed for a printed relief map background. Plain in appearance, they show the landscape in it’s simplest, greyscale form. Only the topography is included.

These posters are available on high-quality media (various papers and canvas) using archival inks, and print clearly up to about 34” x 23” (“Large” size). Fulfilled by There is a framing option on their website.

Park information:

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