The meanders of the Mississippi River over time have produced a large floodplain stretching from Cairo, IL down to New Orleans. The floodplain is created by water-deposited sediment both during flood episodes when the river overflows its banks, and normally as the channels change their position around the floodplain over time. The white lines are man-made levees. At the center-right is Lake Whittington, an oxbow lake in an old meander. Arkansas City is in the lower left of the image.

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The Maps-Un-Natural™ series could also be called Psychedelic Maps. These are an effort to create a visually stunning and interesting image, usually with a limited color palette. The coloration varies only with elevation and often brings out notable landscape features.

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Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas Card

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Water. That’s what attracts people to Hot Springs . People have used these hot springs for more than two hundred years to treat illnesses and to relax. Both rich and poor came for the baths, and a town built up around the Hot Springs Reservation to accommodate them.

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